The Solar Energy Sector’s Getting a Boost with a Powerful CRM Tool at its Disposal

What is the role of CRM in Solar Energy Sectors anyways?

Even in the core field of IT, why is a Customer Relationship Management tool thought to be indispensable?

The answer I think is obvious – is there any other way to build a strong business relationship with existing clients and the potential leads, as seamlessly as you can with CRM? No, there isn’t.

A project goes through the three main processes of design, deployment, and operations. Now we all know that any of these if done ‘by hand’ or manually, it would take the truckload of time and even then, the results would be nowhere near perfect with all the errors that would be accounted for.

So we cancel the manual option right at the onset. So you need software to first design the system that you would be working with. Next, you would need a task management system that works in real time so as to coordinate and support each and every action, as well as effectively manage all operations.

And of course, even as we see things from the utility point of view that is in terms of money a business would need an IT system at its core to smartly push it in the right direction.

Therefore anyone who owns a business, however small or big would know that the growth of a venture is only as good as one can maintain healthy relationships with each and every client of theirs.

CRM, therefore, is the absolute key to the success of a business – any business – and the core element of any business model.
Frequently Asked Question about our Solar Business Management Software

And now specifically moving towards the arena of solar business development how does a CRM or even the whole concept of IT fit in into it?

The role of IT in the field of solar energy is no doubt, a very important one. While the science of the subject tells us how important every renewable source of energy is, it is the math side of things that tell us how to make a business model out of the concept.

It is the Information Technology, though, that gives us a hint on how to find the potential customers for this potent product and how to make it reach them. Information Technology is the backbone of any business, more so for a venture in the field of any renewable energy sector today.

The incredible monitoring and control IT systems today point out errors, integrate various data, do calculations, generate reports, improve the overall performance ratio, and what not. Not just to keep the whole system together, but also to maintain its safety and security is a feature that IT deals with.

The power of IT, thus, lies in bringing together the science, math, and every other element together through the design and implementation of sophisticated software systems, and to finally run this whole machine in a well-oiled manner.

How really does the concept of ESolarCRM – A Powerful Solar CRM Tool work?

Solar CRM Life Cycle
As is IT important, so is the part that deals specifically with CRM. And we have proven it time and again at India’s very first of its kind – ESolarCRM.

Since our inception, our sole focus has been to design powerful and custom-made solutions for businesses that deal in solar energy. As far as the role of any CRM goes, it is to make the overall process of business management an easy and seamless one.

And the only way to get it done is by having control over every running subsystem in a business and makes them all run in a well-coordinated manner. That is exactly how we at ESolarCRM work too.

Starting with providing a business with a strong project management system, we ensure that no time ever gets wasted in manually scheduling tasks or tracking a project’s progress, or keeping a track of project timeline, and such.

Then the installation module is to provide for a direct link of communication between the installation manager, the project manager, and everyone else involved to curb any communication problems right at the root.

With stock management, our CR works hand-in-hand with the stock manager to never worry about mishandling any product delivery or going out-of-stock without any prior notification. Our CRM is also well equipped to give sales support to the client businesses by aiding in lead generation and designing elaborate sales reports.

Lead generation is important, but without a proper classification, one risks losing perspective on how large or small would the sales funnel be getting. In other words, a proper lead classification is necessary to know exactly how many cold leads, hot leads, and potentially leads a business has, in addition to al the new or confirmed leads a business can count on.

Similarly, keeping a track of how many people were contacted, how many of them responded, and how effective was the sales strategy to convert these contacts into confirmed leads, is what sales report is about.

It is owing to a well-formed report, that a solar company would be able to track their overall progress, pinpoint exactly where they could have gone wrong, and effectively remedy the situation to boost further performance.

Your final word is?

There are so many aspects to running a business – any business – but the stakes get very high when your product is a renewable energy. Our country is already one of the giants in the field of Information Technology, and we are on the verge of becoming a proud nation that makes extensive use of solar energy.

The task is mammoth, the results would be monumental, and it would do no good for the powerful IT sector of the country to not give its full support to this raging and rousing concept.

The idea of making this renewable source of energy reach the billion people in our country alone and billions more across the globe is such a mighty one, that the least it deserves is a robust CRM at its very spine. That thought alone has been the inspiration behind our diligent work at ESolarCRM, to push our client businesses till they absolutely slay the market.

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