Proven Ways Installing Solar Sales Software Helps Saving Cost

Solar panel industry is getting increasingly competitive with too many players competing for business. Naturally getting organic business leads getting difficult. This is why we need to give our energy in the right place for getting maximum results. Getting the competitive edge obviously requires better time management and managing several cost factors involved in marketing the product.

At present, there are thousands of solar companies fighting among themselves for a share of this burgeoning market

From such competitive challenges, we can easily conclude that the customer relationship management software can be given a boost. The CRM is where your manpower and management spend most of the time and this is precisely why managing time requires using the most updated and advanced solar lead management software solutions customized for solar businesses. A solar business must find a solar software solution that addresses its peculiar needs.

What are the key aspects you need to consider in Solar CRM software?

Let us have a look at some of the key considerations for an ESolarCRM Solution.

Solar CRM Features

When you are looking for the aptest solar CRM solution for your solar business this is the first thing you need to consider.

EsolarCRM Managing Your Solar Business
Obviously, all solar CRM software is not equal in regard to features. While some are pretty basic and only allows you manage and maintain contacts, some are more comprehensive with tools for sales, transactions and contact management.

For a comprehensive solar CRM solution, you need to look for three management systems as mentioned below.

1. Solar Project Management :- A solar CRM should be capable of managing all the projects of the company referring to the past, present and future projects. For every project adding attributes like the panel brand, the inverter model, and the rates should be possible. Apart from this, you should also be able to add attributes like the connection type to the grid, monthly electricity costs, expected lifespan of the system components, cost assessment of the entire system, particular steps in the project like submissions, signature, and installation.
2. User management :- For managing your sales team you need to have a hierarchical user management system that can assign projects more accurately to individuals and monitor each one separately.
3. Leads Management :- The ultimate and most important management attribute is obviously the lead management system that collects contacts and deciphers the buying potential of each contact and accordingly creates leads and tracks follow-up process for each lead.

Customer Service

A CRM platform should inform the user and make him knowledgeable about how it works.

Customer Services
In case the CRM software does not have proper documentation to make users know about the titbits of the process, it needs the support of customer service to guide the users through each module.

Some of the key aspects that you need to consider while evaluating the customer service of a CRM include response time, proper documentation, various modes of communication, proper queuing to avail support and commitment to the ease of using.

CRM Interface & UX

A CRM must offer an easy to use interface with quick access to most important tools. It must be intuitive and engaging for the users.

CRM Interface and UX
The interface should be simple, steady and quickly engage for the users. It should have at least visual distractions while it should intuitively allow users access to what he needs at a given time.

The CRM should allow effortless interaction for most common tasks and unhindered accessibility for most important data and tools.

Mobile Friendly

Lastly, a CRM must be mobile friendly or responsively designed for various screen sizes to allow easy interaction on the go.

Untitled design
While a vast majority of the workforce in any industry today are mobile users, a CRM solution must be mobile friendly to allow unhindered access to the devices.

If your solar CRM doesn’t open in mobile devices, you are bound to lose control over your employees on the move and their real-time data.

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